tape_2046 / beatrice vorster                                                      © 2023

09:44:12                                                           10:58:41                               12:00:00                                    16:40:22                                     18:55:28                                             20:01:01                   22:16:43                                      23:23:06                                       00:00:00                                                 04:02:22                     
     gentle breath [rhythmically processed] dominates high frequencies as generic techno beat [preset] introduces itself in the left channel          vibration [analog delay] mimics beat        sharp inhalation           synth drone enters gradually on right channel as breath pans to static             low frequency pulsates    bell delay, atmospheric synth layers, slight movement of bodies; click, becomes rhythmic.



well-mannered guests 
2023, GIF movie, looping

shown at ticktack cinema, antwerp.

photos courtesy of the gallery. 

music manual

bootleg vampire 
2023, 00:14:32, hd video 

screened at ASP katowice, and goldsmiths cinema, london.

with thanks to yasmin vardi and amelie mckee.

2023, 00:04:35, hd video

shown at at geist enclosure, studio ghost, tokyo.

photograph by ayako mino.



photographs by jo wierzbicka. 

2023, 00:07:32, hd video

shown at outpainting, set woolwich, london.

performance at spanners 

organised by limbs

get lamp
with anna clegg and clementine bruno

latex print on satin poster paper, folded, embossed metal, feather, fibre, t-pins.

at not before it has forgotten you, nicoletti contemporary, london

photographs by mark blower.


proxy 02

performance at iklectik, london.  



i <3 your output
with anna clegg, david musgrave and elliot jeffries

archival boxes, multichannel audio, stickers, plushie.

at greengrassi, london.


reflexive self (mutation)
with elli antoniou 

155x540x40 mm (each)
glossy chromalux aluminium print, perspex base with stainless steel holders

shown at bambi woods presents, space 52 and ergo space, athens.

bambi woods presents

may 20-30, 2021

Bambi Woods functions like a radio that never announces its programme in advance. Initiated in 2019 and gathering contributions from over fifty voices, Bambi Woods are a collective enunciation springing from the anonymity of murmur, a molecular vibration infiltrating processes of individuation while encrypting the status of the author. Like a balaclava-covered DJ sticking black tape on their records’ labels, B.W. distribute chains of reactions and affects that are no longer based on recognition and identification.

Bambi Woods’ next intervention will take place across two mirroring spaces, ERGO Collective and Space52, both located in Athens. Combining curating, art making, poetry and performance, Bambi Woods Presents is an assemblage of ready-mades, radio stations, internet portals, photographic slides and not-yet-determined works of art that will attempt to recode architectonic forms of authorship through delegated chains of commands and mechanical processes. Throughout the project, B.W. will shapeshift into constellations of nameless entities, inviting the audience to follow a story without script in which power play, meaning production and the ideological figure of the ‘present author’ dissolve into a cadavre exquis of situations. Less a manipulation of the real than a simulated reality, Bambi Woods Presents deals with the phantom of wording and unfolds like a game of which the only rule is to be a game without rules.

well mannered guests [2023]
tick tack cinema, antwerp, belgium

stoker [2023]
studio ghost, tokyo japan

with clementine bruno and anna clegg [2022]
nicoletti contemporary, london, u.k

a woman runs away from something
with yasmin vardi [upcoming]

proxy04.mp4 and proxy01.mp4
with yasmin vardi [2022]

greengrassi; iklectik, london, u.k. 

j.m. slow (sad) [2023] / 00:44:32
with jonatan mathisson

memory still a taste in my mouth [2020] / 00:07:38
generation and display, london, u.k.

das ding [2019] with plusminus studios
wolfson college library, oxford, u.k.



*PINCH* TO ZOOM coming soon
duo with ellie antoniou [2023]
generation & display

TAPE_2046 ︎
sisters [2023] / 00:21:44
produced at AQTushetti, omalo, georgia 

distinctive bitemarks [2022] / 00:14:35
released on LIMBS, london, u.k.

bodydouble [2021] / 00:22:40
produced for ERGO COLLECTIVE, athens, greece

sisters (for ls;dd) [2022] / 00:07:39 
SET woolwich, london, u.k.

totalHalo [2023] / 00:05:33

with anna clegg, david musgrave and elliot jeffires [2022]
greengrassi, london, u.k.

stickers [2022]
greengrassi, london, u.k.

radio edition [2021] ext. / 24:00:00   [project off air, 01.01.2022] space 52, athens, greece

reflexive self (mutation) [2021]
with ellie antoniou
ergo space, athens, greece
SET woolich, london, u.k.

This drum break from The Winston Brothers 1969 ‘Amen Brother’ originally lasting 7 seconds carries with it the gesture of the drummer [the controlled muscular spasms, performed by the body in a moment of energy exertion] , the resonance of the recording space in Washington D.C, the texture of the recording material, the haptics of the vinyl [the damage of the needle], digitised and shared online, downloaded, uploaded . The looping of these 7 seconds, often at double speed resurrects this moment of freestyle again and again and relocates this spatially.